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Click on the image below to be transported to the set of videos that will teach you the ins and outs of each world.
More videos/worlds are in production and will be added all the time - so keep checking back.

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Technical Analysis

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Fundamental Analysis

Person Analyzing Graphs On Screen


Do the charts  tell a story?  Putting the odds in your favor.

Intrinsic value - from running the numbers, to finding the data and how does it fit together to tell a story

All the basics you would want to know about investing

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Forming Portfolios


Valuation and 

Finding the Assests

It's a process, and it's learnable

An interesting primer on unique ways to find investable assets

Reach the Top

Principles of Greatness

Words to live by.  

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Buy, Sell, Rent or Rent?  Does the market where you invest matter?


Corporate Finance Concepts

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Getting the best bang for the buck - because you have to have it.

pngegg (19).png


Options with a twist - KNOWING the odds for each opportunity

pngegg (17).png


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  How does it work and how should it?

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Money and Banking

The Fed, Interest rates and the economy.  What's data does it take to tell the whole story?

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Accounting & Finance

The one topic no one has ever taught you, ... until now.

mutual fund.2.jpg

Mutual Funds and ETF's

Choices, choices, choices.  Many options, organized into one plan.  

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Inflows, outflows and risk - will you ever be able to retire?  What is YOUR number?

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